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Midtown Gold Buyers

What can you pawn at Midtown Gold Buyers?

Borrowing money has never been easier – Midtown Gold Buyers offers collateral loans and pawns valuable items without credit checks or any type of financial verification. Within a few minutes, you will be able to walk out of MGB with cash in hand, it is that simple.

No hassle, no gimmicks, no credit review – just cash on the spot!

Anyone who borrows from Midtown Gold Buyers is protected under the NYC’s Department of Consumer affairs, and interest rates which vary are set by New York State. Borrowers can redeem their pawned item at any time before the loan period’s end and will only owe for the time passed.

If for any reason you cannot redeem your item or pay your loan in full by the end of the loan’s set period, you may request a new loan for another amount of time and upon paying in full, you’ll get your stuff back.

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