What can you sell at Midtown Gold Buyers?

What We Buy

Midtown Gold Buyers buys and pawns an array of valuable goods.

We Buy Gold

There are different types of gold, and we buy them all. The higher the Karat (k), the more money you will be walking away with!


We Buy Diamonds

No matter what shape, size, or quality diamond you present to our appraisers, we will be able to give you its worth in cash immediately.


We Buy Jewelry

We have top experience in providing or customers trustworthy pricing, jewelry payouts at their best.


We Buy Watches

One of Midtown Gold Buyers’ favorite specialty items are luxury watches!


We Buy Antiques

You never can really tell your antique’s worth unless you take the initiative…

Coins and Collectibles

We Buy Coins and Collectibles

We buy collectible items, particualrly coins.

Metals and Damaged Valuables

We Buy Metals and Damaged Valuables

Broken, old, used, scrapped or in pieces – it does not matter. We buy it all, for immediate cash.

Pricing Info

If you are reading this, you probably have some idea as to what “karats” might signify for gold value. Gold that is 24 karats denotes 100% pure gold. Any karat value below 24 is the number of parts pure gold out of 24 total parts.

The remaining parts are the alloy in which the gold is mixed and usually does not impact the value much. See the chart below for karat equivalent percentages.

The lower the karatage, the more color possibilities and the lower the price. 14k and 18k are the most popular karatages in the US and in Europe.

  • 24k = 24/24 Parts = 99.9% Gold
  • 22k = 22/24 Parts = 91.6% Gold
  • 18k = 18/24 Parts = 75.0% Gold
  • 14k = 14/24 Parts = 58.5% Gold
  • 10k = 10/24 Parts = 41.7% Gold
  • 9k = 9/24 Parts = 37.5% Gold
  • 8k = 8/24 Parts = 33.3% Gold

Other than shape, a diamond’s cut should return light back into the viewer’s eye with no resistance. Cloudy or dark diamonds are less valuable than those that are brilliant. Well cut diamonds will appear larger than other diamonds of the same carat weight. Well cut diamonds exemplify three main properties: brilliance, dispersion and scintillation.

When light strikes a diamond’, it will either reflect off the polished table or enter into the diamond. The light that reflects is considered a diamond’’s brilliance.

The rays inside the stone when light enters are divided into flashes of color, which is called dispersion.

As an observer moves a diamond back and forth, the flashes of color are called scintillation.

Color in diamonds act as a filter, they diminish the spectrum of color emitted therefore lessening the value of the diamond. The less color, the more fire, and the better the “color grade.”

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