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Midtown Gold Buyers

Do you have any old jewelry… Maybe, sitting in your sock drawer?

Well… Chances are, it is currently serving zero purpose other than being a dust collector. Now imagine using that unwanted jewelry to make a payment on that credit card…

Take care of your phone bill…
Or fund your next weekend getaway!

Or maybe you are strapped for cash and need to part with a precious valuable… Or, all you have are broken unusable pieces…

No problem!

Midtown Gold Buyers will give you the top price, in cash, whether your pieces are in tact, broken, shined or rusted. We evaluate your jewelry and tell you how much cash you can walk out of our office with, on the spot!

All transactions are confidential, so do not worry if the item is personalized or holds emotional value. We understand the value of nostalgic worth.

With years in dealing with numerous brand names and jewelry dealers, we have top experience in providing or customers trustworthy pricing, jewelry payouts at their best.

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