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Antiques tend to be extremely valuable in its possessor’s eyes, regardless of it’s weight in precious metal or its diamond karatage. Sentimental worth is always priceless. Then factor in its age, rarity, and craftsmanship, and you might have yourself a very expensive piece.

You never can really tell your antique’s worth unless you take the initiative. We tend to hang on tightly to things that might have been passed down through former generations, or items that seem old and outdated… And though it’s emotional value holds true, it still sits in your basement.

So why hesitate to at least investigate your antique’s worth?
It may be a number much greater than you think.

Cash for Antiques – Midtown Gold BuyersAntiques are appraised in terms of their quality condition, composition material, age, and historical significance. Of course, many antiques were handmade and exemplify masterful artistry, so you can never really tell how much money your antiques could be worth. Ancient artwork is not easy to come by, and rarity always means extra value. If you have ever watched the Antique Roadshow on television, you know that every antique can have its own surprise.

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