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We Buy Watches - Midtown Gold Buyers

One of Midtown Gold Buyers’ favorite specialty items are luxury watches. The value of a watch will always vary, depending on the brand name and the material in the valuables, and of course, the more prestigious the brand name, the more cash you will walk away with. Here are some of the brands we look for when appraising watches:



Piaget Watches - Midtown Gold BuyersMany expensive watches can display the phases of the moon, the time of year, the seconds that pass us by, and can even make calculations or appointments. Antique watches may only tell time and have great value for material worth, yet watches that surpass thousands of dollars are beyond works of art. They are intricately designed machines, hand made by precise craftsmen who make the impossible possible! With miniscule tools, they manipulate gold, diamonds, springs, and gears into unique works. The more complications (functions aside from telling time) a watch can pack within its slender case, the more valuable the watch.

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