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Midtown Gold Buyers

In addition to buying gold, diamonds, and luxury watches, Midtown Gold Buyers takes pride in expertise with collectibles and precious metals alike.

Coins & Collectibles

We buy collectible items, particualrly coins. We love silver, platinum or gold coins, but if you have coins made of other materials, please contact us for a free quote.

There are several different weights and sizes when it comes to gold coins, so their worth usually varies.


All forms of platinum are welcome here at Midtown Gold Buyers.

Broken, old, used, scrapped or in pieces – it does not matter. We buy it all, for immediate cash.


We are your number one buyer of silver, providing all of our clients with top prices paid ont he spot.

Coins, scrap, broken, old, used – it does not make any difference. We are certified and licensed to give our customers amazing payouts.

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