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What We Buy

We Buy Gold!

Midtown Gold Buyers is one of NY’s premier handlers of scrap gold, diamonds, jewelry and fine brand name watches. Midtown Gold Buyers is becoming NYC’s top gold handler by giving customers quality, honest service and top prices paid.
The price of gold fluctuates, but overall it is doing one thing: going up! Take advantage of this growth and grab opportunity by the horns, sell that unwanted and damaged jewelry, coins and gold! With the extra cash, the possibilities are endless. Bills? You could catch up on that credit card statement, pay off a chunk of that mortgage! Leisure? Take that vacation you have been saving for, but needed that extra spending money!
There are different types of gold, and we buy them all. The higher the Karat (k), the more money you will be walking away with!

8k (8kt, 333, 8/24)
9k (9kt, 375, 9/24)
10k (10kt, 417, 10/24)
12k (12kt, 500, 12/24)
14k (14kt, 585, 14/24)
18k (18kt, 750, 18/24)
22k (22kt, 916,917, 22/24)
24k (24kt, 999, 24/24)


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