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  • Why is Midtown Gold Buyers better than the rest?

Midtown Gold Buyers fully understands the monetary and personal value of your precious goods. Not only do we provide the best prices for your items, we provide all of our customers with honest information about every type of metal and jewel piece. We desire our customers to know as much as possible in order for a real trust relationship develops; our customers wind up becoming part of the MGB family! We’ve been in business long enough to know that understanding our clients is the best way to stay on top of the business. Our goal is to provide consistent, honest service to our clients. Satisfaction is guaranteed, and it is our priority.

  • How much will my item(s) really be worth?

Your item(s) and their cash value depend on a number of different factors, but the final number is typically based on these three variables: 1) karat (purity percentage), 2) weight (grams, kilograms, pounds, etc.), 3) market price. Jewelry items that are damaged or broken usually have unaltered value, as long as the weight and karat remain in tact. Detailed gold pricing can be viewed here. Diamonds have different types of variables when compared to precious metals, see here.

  • Do I need an appointment to get cash at your store?

You do not need an appointment, but you can surely make one. Our clients are welcome to visit us anytime! We are located in NYC’s Diamond District, 1160 avenue of the Americas, between 46th and 47th streets. We welcome phone calls and emails as well, so do not hesistate. We can provide estimates this way, but the fastest method to get cash and get the most accurate quotes is by bringing your items in person for us to immediately handle and appraise. (212)-302-2818 or midtowngoldbuyers@gmail.com

  • If I come in person without an appointment, will I still be able to get cash on the spot, and quick?

As long as there is an available appraiser and you accept our offer, you will receive cash on the spot. If you prefer check, no problem. Being that we are a licensed handler, we will have you show photo ID and sign off on your jewelry, ensuring that it is not stolen property and it belongs to you or a family member. Standard procedure, no worries! Fast cash, on the spot!

  • Do you purchase gemstones in addition to diamonds?

Depending on the demand, the market payout pricing, the size and beauty of the item being proposed for sale, we might be able to reach a favorable agreement. Gemstones that are part of jewelry may have to be detached from the item to reach the best appraisal, especialy if the metals are better off being sold separately (as opposed to being sold as one jewelry piece). Don’t wait to contact us to find out the real price of your items; other businesses will try to pull wool over your eyes and underpay, but Midtown Gold Buyers will tell you the 100% truth when it comes their value.

  • If I don not accept your first offer and I realize it was actually the best offer, could I come back for the same offer and receive cash?

Absolutely. Our offers are always the best offers, and we always remain faithful to our appraisal numbers. There are no burnt bridges here at Midtown Gold Buyers. Cash on the spot, top market prices paid. No games.

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